About Us


Becoming a mother was the most exciting but intimidating thing ever. Will I be a good mother? How will I do this? How will I do that? What products are safe and durable for my baby?  I was overwhelmed with the amount of things I needed for my soon to be baby girl. I spent most of my pregnancy researching what products I needed to buy as a new mom. It's crazy how much stuff is out there! It was information OVERLOAD!


As a new stay at home mom, I figured I should start a store because if I was overwhelmed I know other mothers must be too. I began researching quality products and how to get them into my store so moms could come to one place to shop! My criteria for all our products are durable, safe, practical and things that makes a mom's life easier! 


After thousands of hours of research and trial and error from a community a women, we've curated our favorite products that protect our precious children and make being a mom less stressful. We are all in this together! I hope you enjoy our store, and I hope you find something here that can help you on your journey of motherhood. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions.